Whey Protein for Hair and Nails

Protein is a very important part of the mechanism that allows cells to reproduce and repair. Your skin and nails will suffer if your body is not taking in enough protein. However, if this is the case, there are likely more worrying health problems going on internally.
Balanced protein is important for your body, including hair and nails. A whey protein supplement can help you make marked improvements in nutritional intake, which is important for restoring your health. If you are experiencing nutritional issues and it is apparent in the condition of your hair and nails, you should also visit your doctor for a checkup.
Healthy Skin
As the Pin Up Girl whey protein supplement contains all nine essential amino acids, it will help with healthy cell regeneration. The most visible feature that is impacted by insufficient protein intake is the skin. For healthy skin you should consider supplementing your diet with whey protein.
Healthy Nails
Your diet can impact on the condition and strength of your nails. By introducing more protein to your diet, you may be able to strengthen your nails whilst improving your general nutrition and health. Whey protein also works well as a hunger suppressant, so if you are trying to diet you don’t have to starve yourself to reach your goal. There is practically zero fat or sugar in whey protein, which takes away the worry of watching what you eat as a snack between meals.
Diet Considerations
When keratin, collagen and elastin production is healthy the skin, hair and nails benefit. Premature aging is one of the signs that there is an imbalance in the production of essential proteins. You should also consider an iron supplement if your hair and nails are damaged or unhealthy. Muesli, nuts and fruits including blueberries and citrus fruits are a good addition to any diet but are especially helpful for those with nutritional deficiencies.
Seek Medical Advice
Unhealthy hair and nails may indicate either a physical or emotional health problem. It is important to speak to your doctor, who may refer you to a nutritional specialist. In most cases the issue will relate to a poor diet or stress, but it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your health. 
If it turns out that you are lacking protein, Pin Up Girl has the ideal product in our Online whey protein supplement. Call today to find out more or place your first order.


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